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Sag Harbor Elementary School

68 Hampton Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963-4201

There’s a relatively new trend in playground design where companies and landscape architects are developing what they call natural playgrounds.

The idea is to create a play space that takes advantage of the existing contours of the land and elements found in the natural environment to create physical challenges for children and opportunities for imaginative play.

There’s been a lot of research done that explores the advantages of outdoor play versus indoor play and natural playscapes vs fixed equipment playgrounds. You can read more here. http://naturalplaygrounds.com/research.php

So far, we haven’t found a natural playground in New Jersey. However, thanks to a Roving Reporter submission from our friend Erika who is from Sussex County but went out to visit family in Long Island, we have photos and information on a natural playground that was built at the Sag Harbor Elementary School.

This particular playground also has a large fixed equipment structure, as shown here:

Photo by Sag Harbor Elementary Schools

You can read all about that portion of the playground and see photos of it here. http://www.sagharborschools.org/files/712826/get%20to%20know%20our%20new%20playground.pdf

See below for photos of the natural portion of the playground.

Please let us know if you find one in New Jersey!