Update 5/8/2012

Good news!

Playground is open!!!

From Fortunato: “Playground is open, and it’s great. A completely new playground, really nothing left of the old one at all. . Lots of climbing, swinging and see-sawing. Only one slide, though, on the toddler side. Covered picnic tables in the middle for snacking — once the minigolf and paddle boats open later tis month it’ll be crowded, but looks like it will become a favorite playground for the kids. See you all there!”

And we have a ‘Roving Reporter Video’ special edition from David A. Dein! 

For his roving reporter submission, David A. Dein earns passes to Asbury Park Splash Park!  To find out how you can earn tickets, check out our roving reporter post. 

More details to follow!!!!
Original posting is below, pictures are no longer applicable, when we get new ones we’ll replace the old ones!

Oh Dear!  This playground as of 3/2012 is under construction…Sorry Penny, Das and David!

Colonial Drive, Franklin NJ.  Look for Mettlers Road, and the Somerset County Parks Website for directions and all the amenities this Somerset County park has to offer!  Thanks Anthony B. for the recommendation!  Nice quiet park, very nice grounds, and I’m sure locals can get you more details we were just passing by so didn’t get a chance to fully explore.  There is also a touch and smell garden, can’t wait to revisit! And the paddleboats are something to look forward to this summer 🙂 Please comment if you’ve been in this park.  Attached are the pictures we were able to take.

Update- We did go to play mini golf there too!! Colonial Park Franklin Mini Golf Course