Crayola Experience, Easton, PA

Walkway to Crayola

Just follow the crayons!


Phone: 610.515.8000

GPS Address:
Crayola Experience
30 Centre Square
Easton, PA 18042


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Crayons at Crayola

Who’s in there?

Take the trek just over the NJ border into Easton, PA for a colorful and creative experience at Crayola.

The kids and I recently enjoyed a relaxing Black Friday away from the mall and inside the Crayola Experience.

This was our 2nd visit to this fun-packed indoor play place, and at the ages of 11, almost 10 and almost 8 they still LOVED it. Sure, some of the attractions were a bit wee-sized for them, but there was plenty to keep them entertained, including watching the toddlers who were enjoying the play spaces designed for them.

Plus, there were lots of changes since the last time we’d been there almost two years ago! New things to do and see.

Our Approach

We decided that when we got there, we’d go against traffic and start at the top floor and move our way down.

Spin art station at Crayola

Prepping to spin

We took the glass elevator to the top and got out in a room filled with the scent of melting wax.

The kids enjoyed drip art, spin art and a melt-n-mold station where they made their very own Crayola man crayons, dinosaurs and bling rings.

The puzzlemaker

Art becomes puzzle

The 3rd floor was action-packed with a great indoor playground, activity stations for drawing, gluing, cutting and painting. A great puzzle maker station and an indoor glow room. Check out the video of the dancing crayons!

Don’t forget your tokens!

When you enter the Crayola Experience you are given tokens that you can exchange for some very cool items include the ability to create your own crayon, make your own marker and pick up some model magic. We also really enjoyed the new show which explains how crayons are made and the kids had a blast inserting themselves into some coloring pages!


Before we left (almost 4 hours after arriving! without even stopping for lunch, that’s how engaged the kids were!) we went back up to the Floor #4 to do

Playing with water

Water is always fun

the WaterWorks exhibit, a play space, featuring, you guessed it, every kids’ favorite, water. Cute little Crayola boats navigate a river complete with locks and other engineering marvels that facilitate water based transportation. Educational and fun… definitely the theme for the  day!

Save Time to Shop

On our way out we passed through the gift store which is chock full of all sorts of great gifts, tools, toys and craft kits.  My 7 year old picked up a box of 96 crayons with a built-in-sharpener that has kept him happily busy for 2 days now, the 9 year old found some amazing window markers that have a crystallized effect and the 11 year old got a new mold that we haven’t seen in stores before for his melt n mold at home factory.

All in all, a great day! And, Easton is a super cute town too, lots of great little shops nearby. Parking is very easy and there’s a café and snack stations all around for those of you who can’t go as long as we did without some sustenance. Plus, we came home with a bag full of great art work, some of it even gift worthy!

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