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***EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT*** Dino Safari 🦕

Freehold Raceway Mall 9-21 to 11-5- Daily 4pm-10pm

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– It’s open in the area until November, then a Holiday show in Nov – Jan.

The Dino Safari also has brought some Halloween lights 🎃 out this season. They’re open 7 days/nights a week. It’s more than just a walk thru that you can attend in the day or evening, they also have interactive stations like:

1. Adventure Entrance.
2. Meganeura Tunnel
3. Prehistoric World
4. Dino Paradise Bounce
5. Dino Speedway Ride
6. Oviraptor Express
7. Volcano Bone Valley
8. Brave heart Square
9. Jurassic Fossil Dig
10. Clash of the Titans
11. Dino Continent
12. The Egg Hunters

Link to reserve tickets: https://www.luminocityfestival.com/reserve-tickets


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