River Rd. and Rose Dr., Piscataway, NJ. 
Welcome back to Middlesex County! 
Great spacious parks, and animals to see. 
The main attraction for kids at Johnson Park is feeding the animals (ducks, goats, etc.). There is a concession stand for both people and animals, make sure you save enough animal feed for the end of the fence where the goats are, we had used ours up by the time we got there, which is surprising since they give you alot.

It was at the end of the day so we did not get many shots of the playground, and there are others scattered at Johnson Park, we got pictures of the one at Grove 2, nearest to the animals. Friendly parents were there and helped my son out at the swings while I was feeding the baby. Thanks!!!

The playground is average, but was clean and occupied, and the kids enjoyed it. Restrooms are in the same building as concession stand.  For more information on this Middlesex County park, click for their parks website.