Quibbletown Park, Piscataway

Quibbletown Park Academy Street and South Washington Avenue

Quibbletown Park in Piscataway is a beautifully landscaped park has a lot to offer!

The playground is nicely set back from the parking lot with a beautiful paver walkway leading up to it and pretty bushes and plants all around it. There are ramps leading up to

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Riverside Park, Piscataway

Riverside Park

430 River Road (just off 287) in Piscataway

This small but conveniently located park is also home to many town events and walks. You can fish or even boat from here.

The playground is small, but conveniently located right next to the bathrooms and fenced on one side so little ones

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Columbus Park, Piscataway NJ

Another Great Post by Sara Rall!

Columbus Park Playground is located near the corner of Mansfield Rd. and 11th St. in Piscataway, Middlesex County. It is a shady, dino-themed playground in a park with just about every kind of sports facility you can think of.

The playground has one main play structure with a

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New Market Park, Piscataway, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall:

New Market Park, on Kossuth Dr. (note: Kossuth is one way northbound) at Allen St. East in Piscataway (Middlesex Co.) is my favorite of Piscataway’s extensive system of neighborhood parks.

The playground has a nautical theme with:

triple slide “rock wall” stairs suspended steps cool piston toy rocking dinosaur

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Johnson Park, Piscataway, NJ

River Rd. and Rose Dr., Piscataway, NJ. Welcome back to Middlesex County! Great spacious parks, and animals to see. The main attraction for kids at Johnson Park is feeding the animals (ducks, goats, etc.). There is a concession stand for both people and animals, make sure you save enough animal feed for the end

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