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Mommy Me Move It Event— Flyer and Links for Registration

Discount for NJ Kids Expo

Springfield MOMS Club Handout at meeting

Handout for “The Baby Toddler Expo, Mountainside NJ”   Union County 5 Things Tot Fun

The Dirty Dozen– A Checklist on playground safety from Ben Shaffer and Associates


Fun at the Park (or at Home!)


Fun Scavenger Hunt Activity-  Explore the playground to find  things commonly found in a park!



  playground bingo game 

Playground Bingo Game!!




Make Ice Cream in a Bag with just a few ingredients

Bring ONE ball to the playground and play several playground games!

Make your very own Playground Pal and bring them with you to the park! Attach magnets to their hands and feet and they can “hang around” with you!

If it’s Autumn, go on a great Leaf Hunt! or gather pine cones and make some  Perfect Pine Cone Crafts.