We Rock The Spectrum- Paramus, NJ

We Rock the Spectrum is located on 11 Park Place, Paramus, NJ 07652

Website: https://werockthespectrumbergen.com/

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From their website:  “We look forward to providing a safe family environment in Bergen and hope to use this gym to adjust the approach to therapy from school-centric, hourly therapy to family-oriented, full-time, recreation-based fun. We hope to develop a small community where all children’s birthday parties will be well attended and parents have a safe place to bring children of any skill level to play.”

11 Park Ave. Paramus, NJ
Tel: 201-483-7170
Website: werockthespectrumbergen.com
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In the heart of Bergen County, New Jersey, a unique and inclusive indoor play space known as We Rock the Spectrum has become a haven for children of all ability levels.

This remarkable playplace was founded with a profound philosophy in mind: to provide a space where children can play, learn, and grow together, regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges. We Rock the Spectrum aims to foster an environment where all children can benefit from specially designed sensory equipment, with a particular focus on aiding those with sensory processing disorders.

However, the experience has shown that all children, irrespective of their abilities, can derive great advantages from this equipment. The power of inclusivity is the driving force behind this facility, where children inspire each other to reach new heights of achievement.

About the Staff

We Rock the Spectrum – Bergen, NJ boasts an incredibly dedicated and compassionate team of staff members and volunteers who are deeply committed to the gym’s mission of helping children with special needs surpass the expectations of doctors and therapists. These individuals bring a wealth of care, understanding, and energy to the space. Often, therapists who work with children with special needs accompany them to the gym, allowing them to observe and provide therapy while making use of the gym’s specialized equipment. This unique approach enables children to have access to the equipment they need while allowing therapists to benefit from the support and availability of staff and resources that may not be available in other settings.

Facilities at We Rock the Spectrum

We Rock the Spectrum – Bergen, NJ is equipped with a wide range of specialized sensory equipment and play structures that cater to the diverse needs and abilities of the children who visit.

Some of the standout features include:

  1. Suspended Equipment with Swings: Designed for balance and vestibular treatment.
  2. Crash Mats and Crash Pillows: Providing fun, motor planning, and strength-building activities.
  3. Zip Line: A stress-relief feature that also aids in joint and body relaxation.
  4. Trampoline: Promotes leg and core strength development.
  5. Indoor Play Structure: Ideal for climbing and enhancing playground skills.
  6. Sensory-Based Toys and Equipment: Designed to improve auditory processing and fine motor skills.
  7. Fine Motor and Arts and Crafts Area: A space to enhance hand-eye coordination.
  8. Calming Room: A dedicated area for regulating emotions and reducing negative sensory input.
  9. Private Room for Birthdays, Private Events, and Classes: Perfect for hosting special occasions.
  10. Retail Shop: Offering a variety of sensory-based toys and healthy snacks and beverages.
Open Play Information 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

We Rock the Spectrum – Bergen, NJ offers open play sessions for children of all ages, providing a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore and engage in sensory-rich activities. Here are some key details:

  • Pricing: $20 per child for a 2-hour session, with a discounted rate of $18 for siblings.
  • Monthly Memberships: Available for those who wish to enjoy frequent visits.
  • Expiration: All open play packages have a 1-year expiration from the purchase date.
  • Supervision: A parent or guardian must accompany their child during open play at all times.
  • Footwear: Shoes are not allowed on the gym floor; socks are required for adults and available for purchase.
  • Hours: Operating hours may vary based on private rentals and birthday party reservations, so be sure to check the appointment calendar or call for more information.

Special Open Play Packages

We Rock the Spectrum – Bergen, NJ also offers special open play packages for added convenience and savings:

  • 12 Pack: $200 (a $40 savings)
  • 5 Pack: $85 (a $15 savings)
Birthday Parties 🎈

We Rock the Spectrum offers birthday party or private play-date packages for all children.

We foster an environment where all kids can play, create, connect.

Our expertly trained staff guide families through every detail of the party planning to ensure a fun, sensory-friendly event is had by all!

All parties are booked for a minimum of 2 hours.

Call for Party Package Pricing!

Classes 👦👧




as of 11/6/2023- please check website for updates

We Rock the Spectrum – Bergen, NJ is more than just an indoor playplace; it’s a welcoming and inclusive community where children of all abilities can thrive. Through specially designed sensory equipment and the support of a caring staff, kids have the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others. This heartwarming space in Bergen County is a testament to the power of inclusivity, where every child can shine and inspire each other to achieve their fullest potential.


NYC Mami on the Move post below full link here:

“These all-inclusive sensory gyms are amazing, if you’ve never been to one, especially larger gyms as this one. It’s also a playspace. They offer a sensory/calming room with books 📚, a huge lava lamp, and some other accessories to calm a child.
The zip line seems to be a favorite, along with the big trampoline. The rockwalls 🧗🏼‍♂️ have buzzers at the top, so when the kids reach it, they can feel accomplished. There are 5 different mini workout equipment pieces like weight lifting 🏋🏿‍♂️ and a stationary bike 🚴. There are a few other climbing stations.
If the kids aren’t into physical fun, they can hop in the mail truck ✉️ and drive around to the post office or the grocery store 🍎. Make a stop at the train table 🚂, visit the art area 🖍️. Even the little one’s can get in on the action in the infant/toddler section, with toys just for them and learning materials just for them.
The kids have an array of swings to to swing on and inside of including, a cylinder, a tube, hammocks, a boat 🛶, a hot air balloon and many more. At least that’s what some of them reminded us of bc we have amazing imaginations.”

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We Rock The Spectrum Video (Audobon NJ Location)

(We would love to send out a roving reporter to the Bergen location for an updated video, but right now we just have this video from WHYY)