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Address: 526 S 2nd Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904

From  Play or Nay:

Information was taken from Play or Nay:

Donaldson Park, situated along Riverview Avenue, is lovingly maintained by Middlesex County. This scenic gem is nestled right along the Raritan River, a stone’s throw away from the bustling Rutgers University campus.

One of the park’s standout features is its river access, making it an excellent spot for launching boats and enjoying water-based activities. The park boasts a plethora of recreational facilities, including five baseball fields, four soccer fields, and two tennis courts.

Additionally, you’ll discover a community garden, several picnic areas, and conveniently located restroom facilities.

Donaldson Park is home to two playgrounds. The one on the west side, though smaller and less crowded, offers limited equipment options. However, it’s perfect for young children, featuring a unique brightly colored kids’ box and a selection of ride-on animals. Benches line the perimeter, providing plenty of seating options for adults, although a bit more shade would be appreciated.

The main attraction here is the larger, handicap-accessible playground located near the main entrance. This expansive area includes a section for younger children with intriguing features. Notably, a Braille panel adds an educational touch. Adjacent to this area, you’ll find the Absolute Kingdom playground, catering to older kids with a wide range of play structures.

Inside the larger playground, you’ll encounter learning panels, a Burke Cruiser, and a tunnel for climbing. As you explore further, you’ll discover monkey bars, a swivel-shaped balance beam, additional climbing equipment, rope steps, and a slide.

The playground gradually increases in challenge as it gets higher, making it suitable for various age groups. One notable feature is the suspended platform bridge, which we found particularly thrilling.

Continuing upward, you’ll find an assortment of slides, including a variety of options to keep kids entertained. The playground also boasts manual spinners, a fire pole, and more climbing equipment.

The swings are a hit, with four regular swings, four infant swings, and one harness swing. Most of the park is enclosed, but it’s worth noting that the fence seems to abruptly end on one side, potentially allowing small children to wander toward the road.

In summary, we rate Donaldson Park an impressive 8.5 out of 10. Middlesex County has created a fantastic recreational space here, offering a wide array of amenities for families to enjoy. Be sure to like and subscribe to PLAY or NAY for more reviews, as we have plenty more exciting playgrounds to explore in the future.

Thanks to Play or Nay!

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UPDATE 8/5/09- Thanks for the pictures, Jeremy from Edison.

Second Avenue, Highland Park, NJ.

From Jeremy: “There are two playgrounds. The park is huge, and this playground was brand new. My two kids loved it. It’s labeled as a park for ages 2-5. There are swings, tons of slides, etc.”

From Middlesex County Parks website:

90 acres/Raritan River

  • 4 Tennis Courts (Lights)
  • 2 Basketball Courts
  • 3 Baseball Fields
  • 3 Softball Fields
  • 4 Soccer Fields
  • 4 Reservable Picnic Groves
  • 2 Open Picnic Groves
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • Boat Ramp
  • Pond

And another cool link with detailed map information and some neat photos from Leoraw, who commented about this park in another blog post. Also check out her blog:  “Here in HP”

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