Editor Note-  Another Great Guest post by Sara Rall and our 2nd Hunterdon County playground!!!  As we find some of these smaller parks, we are thinking of creating a group page for them, as well as including some other cool links to visit combined with getting out there. This is our first post (grouping), and we hope to get some comments from parents on some kid-friendly tips! Also thinking about doing a “Pit Stops Playground Post” in the future.

Summer Rd. Park, Summer Rd and US Route 202, Flemington, NJ.
Summer Rd. Park is literally a block from 202. It has an area for younger children that is completely fenced (though far from the road as well) with a nice climbing structure with slides, and a dinosaur to climb on. A few swings, too.

Then there is a section for older children with a larger climbing structure with slides, a jeep and some swings. There is a pavilion that appears to have bathrooms and a concession stand, and the playground is surrounded by playing fields. There is no shade at the playground.

This is not a “destination playground,” but it made a nice stop to stretch our legs on the way to New Hope to ride the steam train. It is also 2 miles north of Northlandz, the giant toy train display as shown on this video from livardo, and 5 miles from the train ride (Black River Railroad) and outlet shopping in Flemington.

Editor Note: I’m a big fan of the Flemington Outlets, especially the discount Stride-Rite that we visit every 6 months or so.  The outlets don’t have a playground but a few of those stationary things you put a quarter (or whatever the price is these days) for it to vibrate for a couple minutes.  We also have 2 train enthusiasts who still have not visited Northlandz or the Steam Train in New Hope but I’m sure we’ll make it one day..  Cool little playground to visit too! See pics below