North end of Battery Park City, west of River Terrace, New York, NY.  Battery Park has an awesome parks system, with sprinkler parks, playgrounds galore.  I’m focusing on a couple of their parks that we visited this August.

Logistics- Parking, Ferries, Path, oh my!  This has been my favorite day trip so far with the kids, especially taking the ferry from the Hoboken/NJ Transit terminal to WFC via NY Waterway.

Parking- The only trick is parking, so if you have any advice on parking in Hoboken, please we could use your comments.  I ended up parking in the garage $17.00, but I know there must be a better way.

Ferries- The ferries take you right to North end of Battery Park, you don’t have to even fold up your stroller once from getting into Hoboken.  You can see by the picture below, you can see the ferry terminal standing in Rockefeller Park.   ALSO FERRIES ONLY RUN WEEKDAYS TO WFC.  FOR WEEKENDS, they only go from Hoboken to Midtown.


  • Pricing: Kids under 6 are free! Adults $10.00 for Round-trip (2 $5 one-ways) Seniors $9.00 for Round-trip (2 $4.50 one-ways).
  • Path Option- You always have the option to do the ferry one way, and take the path back to Hoboken from WTC.  As of 8/2009 the fare is $1.75 one way for adults and children over 5y. Children 5y and under are free.


Here are some of our pics we took of this fabulous park:


Here are some views from the 2nd level of the park and a lower view of the sprinkler section:


Other pictures including the awesome energy burning pedal-powered carousel.


For a real NYC Mama viewpoint, check out Carol’s blog post on Parks in NYC.  Here is her blog post on Rockefeller Park, with some great pictures that show more than just playground! I’ve been following her on twitter and didn’t realize she had such a great listing on parks in NYC.

For another resource, a hoboken dweller’s perspective, I also urge you to visit She has come up with some awesome real mom reviews, and is always updating. Check out her review on North Cove and activities at Battery Park

I also want to commend some of the other great resources for finding stuff to do nationwide. I still have some parks to visit in NJ that show up on kaboom, parents-connect at gocitykids and waymarking are all reputable and do a great job of finding parks and places for you to do as well.

Look forward to our next Park, only steps away from this one, Teardrop Park to be featured in the near future on our outside-NJ adventures.