MOMS Club of Springfield NJ donating to library

Just got back from a great trip to Philly with my MOMS Club (Springfield, NJ) and I am impressed how so many of us have formed awesome support networks. I want to be part of connecting people to great clubs like the one I belong to.

How can NJ Playgrounds help our clubs?

Provide an opportunity for the club to post their pictures/info relevant to a park in their area and allowing people to be able to click to find out more info on their own website.

Why should you go through the trouble of this?

For one thing, we have amazing localized traffic from people who are looking for parks for their children in their area. For example if you search: “chisholm playground springfield nj” our link comes up first. Try out some of our other parks too..

We may not have your park now, but when we do, you’ll most likely see it in the same ranking or maybe 2nd or 3rd. How much traffic do we get? 5,530 unique visitors for March 2010 and 4,524 NJ visits via 331 cities.

Weren’t you that same parent years ago when you started out in a new neighborhood or the same neighborhood with new kid needs? Or were you scoping out parks on the internet cause you needed to find a new place to live cause of a job relocation? NJ Playgrounds would love for them to find not just a park but a support network too..

So here’s the deal, I have many parks that are missing that may be some favorite ones you frequent. Here are the steps to getting your club on our site:

1) Find a park we haven’t covered that you hang out at
2) Either take pictures of the playground with your members or without (your choice).
3) Send them to us with a description of your club at with the subject: NAME OF PARK- your club name
4) We will post it on our site and send you the link

Does this cost me anything?

Nothing! You get to provide us great information on a park we don’t have, and we get to provide you an opportunity for some of our readers to connect to your club!

Questions? Email us!