Update 10/3/2013:  They have not revived this program again.. I wish they would, my boys loved this when they were little.  🙂


14 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ.  AS OF 9/1/2009- WE HAVE NEWS! TODDLER OPEN PLAY WILL START ON NOVEMBER 3rd, click here for schedule! Thanks to a YBM mom who suggested this place, we really had a great time.  Open play is for Age 1-4 yrs on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 -1:30PM.  Alright, so it’s a huge soccer dome with lots of space, pretty bare bones, one bouncy castle, but they do have something really cool for the 3,4 yr olds, POWER WHEELS.  Unfortunately the mgmt wasn’t able to approve all the pictures, so I am limited to only a few.  What you don’t see is a tiny toddler slide, some of those plastic rockers and some soccer balls.  My boys 2.5yr and 4yr had a blast with the power wheels (there are only 3 vehicles)  Fortunately the day we went there weren’t many people there and the boys had plenty of time with the power wheels, although my 34 wk pg body had to intermittently run around yelling to them to “turn the wheel!!!”  You would think with the ample space they wouldn’t run into each other.. but everyone was ok, unscathed…

Price:  $10/kid

Bouncy Castle

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