Doing Disney the Jersey Way

I’ve been lucky to meet and become friends with Sandy Nusbaum Giercyk who is the owner and operation of Instant Impressions Travel Service, one of the leading travel agencies in the U.S. completely dedicated to Disney travel. She’s also right here in Morris County, NJ.

With her help, we plan to share educated and informed insights to help NJ families plan, book, enjoy and return from a Disney vacation. If this goes well, we’ll also talk about things like the Disney cruise line, obtaining autographs, Disney celebrations, Disney Adventures, new attractions, resort openings and more.

Every time we write about Disney travel we want to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions. We will moderate the discussion to try and make it as helpful and factual as possible. Taking a trip to Disney is not a simple proposition. Think of Disneyworld the way you think about Manhattan. Disneyworld is similar in size and complexity to Manhattan. You wouldn’t wing a trip to Manhattan with your kids. You have to plan the same way when you go to Disney.

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