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Oakdene Avenue School #6 Park, Cliffside Park

Editor’s Note: Rebecca from Englewood Cliffs, shares this lovely school playground that is a favorite for moms of young kids who enjoy some water in the hot summers. For her review, Rebecca earns passes for Imagine That!!! Museum, one of our favorite places to go in Florham Park NJ. Make sure you sign up for their Ladies Event on Tuesday May 6th,2012 visit their website here to find out more!

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440 Oakdene Avenue, Cliffside Park, New Jersey 07010

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Expansive park with many facilities such as playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields and walking paths. Very shady with lots of picnic tables. In summer their is even a small, children’s wading pool to cool off. Their is a bathroom facility with vending machines with snacks and drinks. Nicely mulched and very clean with a variety of unique equipment. Lots of natural rock settings and my 5 year old son enjoyed climbing rocks and walking along the circular paths even. The only negative was their was no parking lot and it was residential street parking so was a little difficult on a week day afternoon after school.

Editor’s Note: This is a school playground so make sure you go while school is not in session
Name of Equipment Manufacturer (Optional): Little Tykes and Infinity

Recommended Ages: Two playgrounds for ages 2-5 and 2 larger structures for 5-12 year olds

Slides: 2 bumpy toddler slides and 2 larger ones

Climbing: Monkey bars, unique climbing structures with holes, bars for hanging, natural rocks

Swings: 4 baby swings — no big swings

Other: Spinner

Park Amenities: bathroom, tennis, basketball, benches, picnic tables, ballfield

Food & Beverage: Vending machines with drinks and snacks and a Sabrett Hot Dog cart – he said he is there 3-4 days per week

Water: Wading pool in summer for toddlers and babies

Trails/Walking Paths: Small walking paths perfect for scooters and trikes

Other Cool Stuff: Their is a little yellow play house my kids enjoyed pretend play and lots of animals to climb on and hide in. Their was a musical section that had maracas sounds, drums, and bells

Make a Day of It:

Gotham City Diner is the perfect place to great brunch before hitting the park.

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  • victoria

    Just a quick FYI during the summer the recreation program uses the pool, so you have to use it in the afternoons. The small pool also closes at 4:00, maybe 3:00 but I think 4:00 and before heading over to use it, you should call the recreation department because if there is a chance of rain they don’t fill the pool.

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