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Getting traffic, but comments, not so much…

I’m a horrible blogger, playground picture taking w/ short description, ok… but writing consistently about me or my life, ugh!  Part of it is probably maybe “I’m not good enough” thinking, something a therapist could probably go into.. Well, I’m not sure if that’s it, definitely some undecisiveness in my genes.. or is it nurture, i can’t decide!  ha ha ha I’m so hack..

Hope everyone had a great memorial day. We enjoyed Lake Hopatcong, a BBQ at Ross Park, and the Town Pool of Springfield NJ.  I now have a steady work load to bring in some extra money so I’m finding myself squeezing in work, playground visits, this site along with my domestic tasks just like most of the world. Now with 3 kids to keep track of I may be a little less prone to be adventurous, but somehow I always manage, we are still alive, somewhat clean isn’t that proof enough?

Anyway, hope all is well, I want to thank all the people who have browsed our site!  I find it incredible that each person who wanders in comes in with unique perspectives, different experiences, and always has something to contribute.  I wish you all would comment, because your opinions are something this site could really use… I appreciate any feedback you have.  So things may slow down a bit, we still have find the playground kid contest.  And I think I’ll be removing the google ads since no one clicks on them.  I think I’d be better off getting one related sponsor, my friend had told me this would be the best approach.  So if you want to be our leaderboard (ad on the header) email me,

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