Urban Jungle Play, Hoboken NJ

Cathie from Urban Jungle Play reached out to us this past weekend about her new place. We look forward to checking it out, but before we do a formal review we thought we’d share a sneak peek and give you some of the information.

Update: Thanks to Karin and friends we got a guest post!

They have a theme every month and sub seems every week. The 45 minute class that we took was great. they did singing and unique instruments, A little obstacle course type thing, they suctioned different colored water into pipettes, they made a mural on the wall and then did arts and crafts mural at the table.






Address: 1140 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Open Play schedule: Open Play in May is every day, for more information check out their website here!
Pricing: Memberships are available, but if you would just want to pay for a single open play pass, it’s $20. See here for more information

Check out their facebook page for more pictures like below.