Greetings friends! Today our friends, Ned and Sue share with us their trip to Diggerland. We’ve not been here cause from many of the cute pictures we had seen, it appeared to us more for the little kids, OR SO WE THOUGHT! Very cool to hear that there is great fun for 48″ and over. So hope you are all having a nice summer.

From Ned: “Diggerland is a fun day trip for the family. I told my girls ages 10 and 8 there this past weekend. There were a lot of fun activities to do. First of all, the 3 of us spend nearly an hour on the 4 levels of ropes course that they had. Access to this and their rock wall are included in admission, you only had to sign a waiver for you and your kids. Next we did some of the construction themed rides including getting spun around in a backhoe. From there we each took turns digging up dirt in a backhoe. That was a favorite for us all. They also had a few construction vehicles which you could drive. My daughters enjoyed driving the tractors and the 8 wheel dune buggy. We then had a lunch break which was perfectly timed to see their stunt show. The stunt show was nice since it was adjacent to the picnic area and the picnic area was covered. They do not allow you to bring your own food and drink into the park. The food is decent but pricey so I would recommend that you eat by your car. You are allowed to leave and reenter the park. If your kids are taller than 48 inches, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Diggerland. I would still check the height requirements since even at that height they aren’t allowed to drive everything but they can with you.”