Teaneck Speedway, Teaneck, NJ

Photo by Teaneckspeedway.com – photo-video gallery

Teaneck Speedway is located on 545 Cedar Lane, Teaneck NJ

This is a great place to enjoy a variety of fun and classic Slot Car racing!  This is a unique way for your car-loving child to race with their friends!


Slot Car Racing on a 7-Track Course
Laser Tag
6-Lane Mini Bowling
Arcade Games
& Free Wi-Fi

Website: https://teaneckspeedway.com/

NYC Mami on the Move has a cute review on it on IG plus she is always getting some amazing discounts on her FB page–   click on image to check it out on IG:

To check out Teaneck Speedway offerings you can also check out their Instagram as well: