NJ Children’s Museum, Paramus *not free*

CLOSED FOREVER!!! NJ Childrens Museum last day was September 1, 2014. They were renting the building, and the building got sold to Valley Hospital. So sad!! Thanks to NJCM for all the fun times! We will leave this post up for historical reference.

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599 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, NJ.  Before we get to the good stuff… this museum was huge and had alot of nooks and crannies so it may be a little tough with multiple kids.  Also no strollers allowed in the museum. Pricing is $10/adult, and $10/kid (babies under 1y are free)

The good stuff… This museum has tons to do, and the kids definitely were kept entertained for more than a couple hours and probably more if we had stayed longer, but went out for lunch.  Also, if your kids like sand, they have a few sandboxes filled with toys, and funnel stuff.  The computers are outdated but always fun.  They had a green screen and a virtual reality program.  Lots of train tables, a little cave that you can walk through, with little chalk boards as “cave paintings” and a fossil sand table.  They had costumes available for the kids to dress up in and a cool little castle for the kids to enter and have a little make believe tea for 2. (I didn’t venture in, but that’ swhat it looked like).  There are plenty more pictures on their website, so check it out!  See pics below 🙂

Helpful feedback from our readers:
Emily- We spent a few hours there and then went to the Paramus Park Mall for lunch at Panera(they also have a new soft play area down by Sears)
Sondra- I would suggest to maybe go in the afternoon, a lot less people than in the morning as they tend to have a lot of school trips here. Also make sure to get your hand stamped if you want to go get some lunch. There is no place to eat there unless you are with a group. Also they do free craft projects every afternoon and they had a free puppet show in the morning.

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