Funtime Junction, Fairfield, NJ

400 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ. $9.75/admission. Free internet access (wireless)!

Purchase Deal:

$15 For A Family Fun Package (Reg. $30) $15 For A Family Fun Package (Reg. $30)

Ball pits, with their bright primary colors and inviting crayon smells are a human child’s natural environment. Release yours back into the wild with this super offer: you’ll get 2 children’s admissions and 1 adult admission to FunTime Junction, 1 helicopter ride and 10 tokens for each child, a $30 value, yours for only $15.
With summer quickly closing in, your kiddos will once again try to convince you that the living room floor is “lava” and that the sofa cushions and pillows are necessary stepping-stones for safe passage to the blanket tent city sprawling into the adjoining rooms. Luckily, you can reclaim grown-up sanctuary by taking the rug-rats to FunTime Junction for fun and games, Phew! FunTime Junction features a bounce house, rides, and games—plus one of the best ball pits this side of the Passaic River. Leave your sofa in the safety zone, because FunTime Junction will surely tucker out even the most exuberant child.


Jungle gym area, with rocking chairs along wall to soothe your newborns, or cranky children 🙂

This indoor place has arcades and a toddler area (not fenced)

Kids had a great time here, we’ll visit again! Make sure you support your local school/organization if they sell kidstuff books, funtime junction has coupons in it for the free ride w/ paid admission as well as 10 free tokens w/ paid admission. Check out the Funtime Junction website for more details on hours, and other details.

Below are the pictures we took:


Toddler area (not fenced)


Full cafe(lots of seating, wristband ID check so you don’t trade children w/ other parents

Also has a great “Buccaneer blaster”  (shoot balls at each other)

Sand art area (requires  attendant)


Air hockey table shown in top picture (needs tokens), little vehicles for kids to ride/push each other (not shown), also check out their plane ride below:




Have you checked out all our other indoor play areas?  We have included a map of all NJ indoor playgrounds, NJ children museums, including chuck e. cheeses in NJ and all your recommendations in one page.  Check it out, and comment if we are missing something.

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