Kidz Village, Woodbridge

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Sheila and I visited the BRAND NEW Kidz Village location in Woodbridge on a hot sunny day in June.

It’s GORGEOUS!   You can find them at 507 King Georges Road, Woodbridge, NJ.  Call 732-826-8577 for the latest information or visit them at They have a location in Kenilworth too (see our review )

They are open 7 days a week: Sun-Thur 10am -7pm Friday 10am-9pm Saturday 10am-9pm
Children 2 years and older $9.99 weekdays/$10.99 Saturday & Sunday
Walkers to under 2 years old $6.99 weekdays/$7.99 Saturday & Sunday
Visit for more details on pricing. Socks are required!

When you check in you get a number on your hand that’s visible only by black light and there’s only one way in or out so little wanderers are very secure.  The entire place is monitored by video that you can see as you walk through their lobby.  Everything is sparkling and shiny and new.  The pretend areas include an amazing diner with the latest in play kitchen and appliances, a grocery store, a little school, a fully equipped beauty parlor, a cinema, a comic store full of fun super hero costumes a little house and more. Here is a sneak peek that features the little carts, baby room, and very clean and spacious Perky’s Pizza which features hot dogs, pizza, nachos and other foods:

There’s an arcade with tickets and prizes, a snack bar and of course a big indoor playground. There’s also the “Kidz Kastle” where children can battle one another with super soft foam balls.  My 4yr old could’ve spent all day in there!

Plenty of seating for the grown ups right in the center of the room so you can watch the kids from all angles.  There’s even a few massage chairs!  How cool! Sanitizer on the walls and WIFI too!  This is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day, spend a rainy day or really visit anytime.

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Kidz Village Woodbridge NJ