Glow House Kids, Butler NJ

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Sheila and I (and Eddie!) just visited a brand new and incredibly unique place to play! It’s in Butler, NJ on Route 23 just off Route 287. Their phone is 973-850-6366 , e-mail is and you can find them at 1510 Route 23 North in Butler, NJ 07405.  Visit their website here.  Called the “Glow House” this  indoor play and birthday party venue literally glows.

The entire facility is lit with black light and most of the furniture, toys, murals, play things and items worn by the staff are black light reactive and GLOW!

When you first walk in it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust and it may take your little ones a few minutes to get used to the idea of the dark.  There’s a lounge area in the front with cozy chairs, a fish tank (yes, it glows too!) and a big flat screen TV that is known to feature football on the weekends for adults who want to catch the game while their kids have fun at a birthday party.  Netting divides the lounge area and reception desk from the rest of the playroom to keep those relaxing safe from the action.

Kids (and adventurous adults) take off their shoes and head inside with their socks on to enjoy glow in the dark jumping, basketball, freeze dance, parachute fun, volleyball and much much more.

Fun loving owner Elisa will get out all sorts of fun toys and games that are all black light reactive. She can set up an obstacle course or bring out some nerf toys, dress up for the girls, glow in the dark tattoos or make-up or there’s a kitchen and play tables in the back that can be used for glow in the dark painting or puzzles or lots of other crafts.

Open play is a standard part of The Glow House calendar of events (click here to see the latest calendar) and there are also lots of regular classes, special events and fabulous sounding birthday parties.

This place is really unique and will bring out the creative spirit in you and your favorite kids.


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