Clown Around- Flanders, NJ

Editor’s Note: We are ecstatic to start off 2012, with our NJ indoor playground tour! We had an awesome time at Clown Around, check out our review below. If you know of a great place to play in Morris County and it hasn’t been listed, comment on our NJ Playgrounds facebook page here!

Clown Around is located on 186 Gold Mine Road, Unit 2, Flanders, NJ 07836 (tel: (973) 691-6999)

WOW! Loved this place, it’s big and clean and perfect for little ones.

I recently visited Clown Around in a wintery January day with my 2-year-old daughter. Aesthetically pleasing, I really enjoyed the green jungle theme, and the space was a very nice size, that provided a variety of distractions including many soft padded blocks and fun see-saw-like padded structures.  My daughter had a great time and I got a chance to chat with the owner, Laura and one of the staff members, Pat.

During open play, the place was buzzing with activity from the boys playing with the blocks as their own special fort to the tireless toddlers that would not want to leave the ball pit. Not only was the play space clean and inviting, the parents were also very friendly and willing to chat about other kid-oriented places. Plenty of chairs too and soft areas to sit in.  This is a great place to bring little ones learning to walk too, there’s a pretty big area for toddlers.

The staff was very warm and great with the kids, so much that it gave the parents a chance to relax a bit while they engaged with the little ones. Pricing was $10/child for 2 hours of open play, for one-hour sessions it is $6. My daughter had a great time and even napped shortly afterwards.

Laura shared that they do offer private birthday parties. I peeked at the room where they hold parties, and it is a nice ample space that has room for everyone, kids and adults.  Each party has two party assistants that run the parties so that guests can enjoy themselves with their families and guests — the party assistants do the set-up when they arrive, serve the food to all the guests, clean up, and supervise the children as they play. Check out their birthday party packages here.

For more information check out their website and our pictures below:

Check out their latest open play schedule, here.

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