Liberty Science Center for the Pre-schoolers

Liberty Science Center is located on 222 Jersey City Boulevard Jersey City, (GPS users may need to use old address 251 Phillip St. to get there).

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For driving directions, check out their website here.

We recently visited this place with some friends with our young ones, ages 2-3y while the bigger kids were in school. So although this science center is for all ages, we thought to focus this review from the really young perspective!

Good news, there is still plenty to do, and even a great section just for Age 2-5y. If you have a mix of ages in your family, this is an ideal place to visit especially if you can split up.

I-explore (2nd Floor)

Well this is definitely place to be for the young crowd on a weekday during the school year. Especially since the school groups that visit are usually older than the ages required for this exhibit (Age 2-5y) accompanied by their adult caregivers.

When you walk in, there is an interactive floor display in the left corner of the room, that kept the kids very occupied for a long time. We’ve seen these at a few malls, and it is amazing how they don’t get tired of it. The display keeps changing to keep the kids moving.

Reactrix- Interactive Light Display at Liberty Science Center

Interactive Light Display (I-explore)

On your right side is the climbing challenge that can get a little crazy since there is only one entrance/exit. It goes up a few different levels and you can see your child via the mesh fencing.

Climbing Challenge (I-explore)

The other highlights:

A water play area complete with brushes, and wall, a table area that allows your kids to dig with shovels

Paint the Dark Wall with Water (I-explore)

A two-story ball machine that can be navigated by turning a wheel to launch balls.  Ultimately they empty into a huge bin, where you may occasionally find a kid in it.

Liberty Science Center- I explore

Ball Chute Contraption (I-explore)

Two small ramps with cars you can assemble and race against each other

Another Pic of 2-track Race your cars (I-explore)

In the little corner of the I-explore area they have a craft scheduled, called “We Explore” usually at 10:30 11:30, and 2pm. For our particular experience, the kids were engaged with a story about little blue and little yellow, and how colors combine. After the story they were able to mix different paints with cotton balls. It was just enough to keep them entertained for a bit. The instructor there was warm and friendly. Make sure you let the attendant up front know that you’d like to sign up for it, since it limits the number of people for that activity.

Communication (2nd Floor)

The kids had a great time checking out the exhibits at the communication section, it is a bit over their heads but there were always some buttons and puzzles around to enjoy.

The highlight of this floor for our 3 year-old kids was the graffiti station, that allows you to paint on a wall using a light beam.  We’ve visited on a weekend where this attraction requires an attendant, on the weekday we chose it wasn’t crowded so the kids were able to spend much time on it.

Our Hudson Home (4th Floor)

If your kids enjoy aquatic life, make sure you check out “Our Hudson Home” on the 4th floor, which has gigantic fish, and your kids can spot some really cool sea life.  My daughter really enjoyed the dredging table that was featured in the video we’ve just posted below:

One thing we would have loved to see, but weren’t able to visit due to time constraints was the Touch Tank that is available from 2-4pm

Wonder Why (4th Floor)

We spent alot of time in this area with our kids, because it had an awesome 6ft bubble making screen, puzzles, and the fun Bernoulli Blower (air stream + beach ball) attraction. You can also manipulate your child’s image using the “Digital Picasso”. You can turn them into stone, or make them into some funky colors, even a negative image.

We didn’t have enough time to visit all that LSC had to offer, but when we do we will update this post with new video and feedback!

This Winter-Spring 2012 they are featuring 2 great new films in their IMAX theater, Space Junk IMAX (suitable for ages 8+) and Turtlevision 3D (suitable for age 4+).  (Separate admission for this).

Most Saturdays they have Kidtoons at the smaller Interactive Theater. which is 3.50 per person.  This spring they are featuring Dino Dan.

For more information on the events at Liberty Science Center, including the myriad of fun stuff for the older kids, check out their website here.

Pictures follow below, and Video to be posted soon!!!

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