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G. Thomas DiDomenico Park (16th Street Park) is located on 16th Street/Avenue A.

Description: (subjective opinion plus facts like shady, sunny, ground cover, cleanliness, age of equip, etc.) For the most part, lacks shade but you can find a nice niche where there’s a shady bench. The park & playground are relatively clean & kept up. The playground is covered by recycled tire rubber in blue. The view of the Bay makes for a nice day.

There are TWO playgrounds. One is closer to Avenue A & is fenced in. It is the bigger one.

There is also a smaller one closer to the Bay.

Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)

Climbing: Larger playground as well as the smaller playground- monkey bars within structure.

See-Saws: a four-seater,

Slides: PLENTY for toddlers on up One is a Big-Foot, Triple-slide

Swings: Yes, Bigger playground has bucket seats for the little ones as well as seats for the older children. Smaller playground only has bucket seats.

Other: Fun tunneled areas within the play structure. Two tic tac toes, X’es formed with baseball bat images, O’es formed with baseballs A Sign with all the letters of the alphabet in Sign Language, 3 toys with facts: Solar System, Â Safari Animals, etc.

What kind of amenities can you find at this location?

Parking: Yes

Benches: Yes, many benches scattered around/plenty of seating

Food & Beverage: No (except in the pool or Mr. Softee)

Picnicking: Plenty of grass

Drinking Fountain: Yes

Bathrooms: Yes

Disabled Accessibility: accessible

Tennis: 2 courts

Water: 16th Street pool

Walking Paths: nice walking path partially along the water.

Other Cool Stuff:

Handball court, amohitheatre (with FREE concerts, see below), boat launch, baseball/softball soccer fields

Make a Day of It: Go to the pool!!!: (you need to be a Bayonne resident, or a guest of one, check link below for more details)


Or in the summer, there is the FREE Bayonne Concerts in the Park Sounds by the Bay series : link to July 2012