Check out this Middlesex County Park that hosts a township park for Woodbridge. It is one of the few wooden playgrounds still around in NJ and it is a great size for little and medium ones. Unfortunately when I went I was without my kids so I can’t get a firsthand review of how good the park equipment was. But I took a nice video so you can see for yourself. I’ve been to a few Middlesex County Parks, and they have been great for viewing animals. There is an animal haven in this one too. You can hear the chickens in the video.


Name of Park or Playground: Merrill Park                                                                                  

How many stars would you give this park on a scale of 1-5?  3-4

Town: Woodbridge

Street Address:  Fairview Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ

Link to Google Map: (Optional),+Woodbridge+Township,+NJ&daddr=Middlesex+Essex+Turnpike&hl=en&sll=40.578262,-74.308466&sspn=0.006568,0.013937&geocode=FRg3awIdgCuS-yFQS0thn_CW9SnRZ0CjEbTDiTFQS0thn_CW9Q%3BFR4tawIdrSSS-w&oq=merrill&t=h&mra=me&mrsp=1&sz=17&z=17
Description:  This wooden playground which is technically a township park, is nestled within Merrill Park, Middlesex County Park.  Lots of great features, perfect for a playdate, lots of benches.   We had visited in February during some construction.  Hopefully everything has been finished.  I would definitely make a stop if I am in the area for the kids to burn some energy.  

So here’s the information from the county website:

Location: Middlesex Turnpike, Woodbridge Township
Acreage: 179 Acres

7 Reservable Picnic Groves
2 Open Picnic Groves
3 Playgrounds
Woodbridge Township Progressive Playground
Animal Haven


Tell us about the playground equipment:


Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)  

One larger playground for 5-12 year olds and a pre-school playground for 2-5 year olds

Climbing:  Tons of monkey bars, rings, climbing stuff

Slides: Numerous slides

Swings:  Yes

What kind of amenities can you find at this location?


Parking:  Larger parking near the playground area

Benches: Gazebo in the center of playground as well as numerous benches

Picnicking: Lots of picnic groves in surrounding area

Bathrooms: Large indoor bathrooms right next to the playground, they were open in March when we visited

Handicap Accessibility:  NOTHING


Sports Fields:

3 Baseball Fields
2 Softball Fields
1 Soccer Field
1 Football Field

Basketball: 2 Basketball Courts

Tennis:4 Tennis Courts (2 with lights)

Walking Paths:  I didn’t notice the walking paths, but there is paved road going around most of the park. You would be able to drive to the smaller playgrounds, however the wooden one seems to be the best one for kids.


Other Cool Stuff:  Animal Haven with chickens

Make a Day of It:  For more info visit on the county park visit:

Check out Kidz Village that is in Woodbridge as well, that boasts a huge indoor place to play! Click here for our review!

Photos and Videos

Check out the video below! Didn’t take photos this time, it was a drizzly day!