UPDATE from GWEN R. via FB – “Hi just an update for you that the jungle gym is gone, it’s a ninjago structure similar to a fun house. I personally am not a fan of it as you can’t see the kids like you used to be able to do with the jungle gym so I personally recommend going at off-peak hours. I was there when a school trip was there and the kids went crazy in there, I allowed my kids in once the place cleared out. It’s tight and dark in there.”

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve been tinkering around with video although I am camera shy I thought I’d create a video vlog of my latest experience at Legoland Discovery Center in Yonkers. (Address is 39 Fitzgerald Street, Yonkers, NY)

I hope you enjoy it, just to let you know the a few points:

A Great place to visit for the lego lover. If you don’t like legos, don’t bother!

Make sure you pair the visit with another attraction such as the Bronx Zoo to make it worth the travel.

Go online to see availability and reserve tickets especially on weekends.

Eat at the mall not at the cafe.

It is in no way close to Legoland in Orlando, more of a play place but you can go on the rides more than once, but busy on weekends so there is a line.The 2 rides are Merlin’s Apprentice and Kingdom Quest where you shoot targets for points (seats 4).

legoland discovery westchester ny

The Jungle Gym area at Legoland Discovery Center

Where we spent most of our time was at the end where the jungle gym is located, along with Lego Friends area with Karaoke machine, Lego Makers- Build and Test, Earthquake table, 4D movie and Merlin’s apprentice….

That’s the highlights, also make sure you check out our upcoming review from the Moraghans on Legoland in Orlando, which is an amusement park and a plane ride away!

Here’s my video, with some sneak peeks at the attractions we saw…


More Pictures:

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