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First of all, wanted to say hi, and hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Our family has been very busy and has focused on my parents’ big move to our town. Now that things are getting settled, we are happy to focus on outdoor attractions and playgrounds again!!! Jan Hudson from Camp the Great Divide in Newton reached out to us way back in February about sharing this location with our readers. We finally made the visit with good friends and have some great pictures to share with you below. If you have a unique day trip please shoot me an email at sheila@njplaygrounds.com – Enjoy the rest of the summer!!! – Sheila

Located on 68 Phillips Road, in Newton NJ, The Great Divide Campground is beautiful fun and perfect for an overnight(s) campstay or just a day trip. Today we focus on the “day trip experience” We and another family went on a day trip excursion, (very reasonable pricing) and had a great time. I definitely would come back for a camp visit in the future. So where to begin…

General Info: Hours/Rates
On the way up to Newton, my aunt loved the scenery of farms and open spaces. We spotted horses, farmland and green pastures. Once we arrived we parked in the 15 minute spots right in front of the camp store. The day passes were very reasonable, and the parking was just past the gate so it was easy to make multiple trips to the car in case we wanted to get food or a change of clothes.

Campground is huge, this is right at the entrance and functions as the central location for all facilities

Campground is huge, this is right at the entrance and functions as the central location for all facilities

From the hours section on their 2013 brochure:
“Pool open on weekends starting memorial day weekend from 12pm-6pm. then daily from 12pm to 8pm starting June 21st. Check our schedule for special friday night swims. Pool will close after labor day Monday. The welcome center is open Monday Through Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-10, Saturday 8-10 & Sunday 8-6 During peak season.
Store hours are subject to change during the off peak season”

Day rates for 2013:

great divide rates for 2013 season

Pool and Lake
It was a fun day for all of us, (2 moms of mysterious ages, 1 Tia, 8yo girl, 8yo boy, almost 7yo boy, 6yo boy, 4yo girl, 2.5yo girl). The pool was clean and refreshing (also heated) and overlooks the private lake. The life guard was attentive and friendly. They also had a chest of life vests of varying sizes if you need one for yourself or your child. We snagged a table with an umbrella and chairs, but had camp chairs in the car just in case. I would suggest bringing noodles, some people brought their own. After watching his friends jump off the diving board, my son got the nerve to do so, and he wouldn’t stop!

The lake isn’t a swimming kind, but the kids made use of the sandy beach building and playing. There were paddleboats and rowboats available, and we wished we remembered to bring our fishing poles/nets! The camp store does sell poles, (no rentals). No lifeguard at the lake, so make sure you keep an eye on the kids. Especially 8 year olds who think they can row all by themselves. (A-hem.. my dear son…) They have a chest of lifevests right on the sandy beach for those who venture out boating.

Of course we have to share photos of the playground. The kids loved the old fashioned merry go round and they also had some old-style bouncers.

Food Options
The camp store sold ice cream treats and snacks, and drinks, where you can eat at picnic tables or the camp stores covered back porch, or you can bring your own and enjoy them in the other designated eating areas, and outdoor pavilion. Mira from Mirabest.com suggested to make use of the grills and bring hot dogs, and aluminum foil. We liked the options to grill everywhere, by the playground, by the lake, and the huge outdoor pavilion is great for a large gathering.

Bring your foil to grill those hot dogs and burgers

Bring your foil to grill those hot dogs and burgers. You can also see the big outdoor pavilion in background.

Arcade at the Barn
If you need a place to cool off, the campground offers an air conditioned arcade with a pool table.

Wow, they have a packed summer here, from their Christmas in July to luaus and arts and crafts, check out their 2013 calendar here.

Dog Park
What a great amenity for canine-lovers at a campground. This little fenced dog park is fenced and located close to the playground.

Although we only spent the day, we would definitly consider a longer stay in the future at the Great Divide Campground. The staff was friendly and helpful. We want to thank Jan Hudson for a wonderful time!!! For more information, visit their website here!

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