Pump It Up, Roselle Park NJ

Editor’s Note: Hi friends, Sheila here, back with another indoor place to play. We arranged a trip with friends to visit Pump It Up in Roselle Park (158 Westfield Ave. East, Roselle Park NJ). Check out their event calendar here! Since it was a spontaneous trip we will label this as our “unofficial” review. Our friends had a great time, so we would like to share our experience with our readers. And we are taking recommendations from our readers on where to visit next. What is your favorite indoor place to play? Visit our facebook page here and let us know!

NJEA convention is always a highlight for my kids in November. It means I take them somewhere fun, and usually with a few friends too.
This time it was with dear friends that went to another school this year and we reunited and chose to go to Pump It Up- Roselle Park.

We went on the most possible busy time, and did the Meal Bounce.  (Just a warning the meal portion (at the end) was so crazy and chaotic, it was a sold out bounce day, and there were 8 choices and no great system to get the food to the kids in an appropriate fashion. At one point a mom took over the meal distribution but that only made matters worse.)
The kids we brought ranged from ages 4y – 8y old.  After some time in the first stadium, they had a dance contest, which broke up the time there pretty well.
Besides the inflatables they had an interactive light display, the kind on the floor where the kids can pop bubbles and other things using their feet.  My daughter had enjoyed that with her friend alot.

My boys also enjoyed the huge spongy blocks to build a fort.
It was very tempting for the other kids though to knock them down.  And it also is a perfect time to teach how to share 🙂 The rest of the time was spent mostly bouncing on the inflatables.
All in all The kids had a real good time and they never got bored since they switched up the from Stadium A to Stadium B in between.
Everything was really fun minus the chaotic meal at the end.
Here is a quick video of our trip followed by some pictures!

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Now if you want a full official review of a Pump It Up location, we did one on the Secaucus owned by our friend Henry Lee. Here is the link to that official review.