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Looking to cool off?  Check out our listing of mostly NJ spraygrounds, sprinkler parks, water fun!

Our Biggest and Best- (including Van Saun, Kidstreet, Dorbrook, Castle Park in Toms River)

Rainy day?  Indoor Playgrounds summary

Places to Grill Next to Playgrounds

ADA Accessible Playgrounds,

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People Against Wood Chips (PAWC) Playgrounds,

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  • Hi,
    Leathers contacted me and shared that they had given you my name to put on your website about our playground, CSURE Children’s Park located in Ventnor, New Jersey. They neglected to give you our website to add to your list. If you have any questions, Please contact me at You can also go on to the Ventnor City website for more information about our town.
    We are the next town down the beach from Atlantic City, a mile from the casinos.

    Thank you,
    Marsha Galespie

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