Dorbrook Recreation Area, Colts Neck, NJ

From the Dorbrook Recreation Center: Sprayground closed due to renovation 6/1/2016…

Dorbrook Recreation Area in Colts Neck is a popular site for a supersized playdate in the summer. Located on Rt. 537, Colts Neck NJ (cross street nearby is Hockhockson Road), Dorbrook Recreation Area is very busy.  Too bad my timing for this park is at the end of the summer, this is a great one in the hot weather.  This is a wonderful playground and sprayground.  Because it is so expansive, this is extremely popular and crowded.  My kids were entertained for hours, they loved it.  There was a cool sway thing that you can sit in and someone can sway it by moving their body weight.  The water table was a big hit, bring your buckets!  Also the sand area was alot of fun since there were movable chutes and diggers.  Also it is a “boundless” playground so it is handicap accessible.  Here are some pictures so you can judge for yourself.

Excerpt from
“This water-enhanced playground is a great place to be cool and play with water. Located at the Dorbrook Recreation Area, this facility is open 7 days a week beginning May 19 and closes September 9. The Sprayground opens 10am on weekend and holidays and 11am weekdays. From May to July, the Sprayground closes at 7:30pm and from August to September at 7pm.”

7/23/09 UPDATE-  There are so many blogs out there on everything, but my eye is always looking for local NJ moms talking about local NJ, Mirabest has a great one, and a great post on Dorbrook park.

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Phil Rizzuto Park, Union, Elizabeth, Hillside NJ

Phil Rizzuto Park is accessible at the intersection of Morris Avenue and Trotters Lane in Elizabeth NJ. Update- this park spans 3 cities; according to City of Elizabeth Website :

“The County of Union also recently opened Phil Rizzuto Park on the borders of Elizabeth/Union/Hillside in honor of the New York Yankee Hall-of-Fame baseball player who lives nearby. The park is a 10.4-acre multi-use facility that also contains a “Boundless Playground” area, which allows children with disabilities to play along side their peers.”

In good condition physically, but lots of graffiti. I’ve been here twice and it was super crowded in the afternoon on a sunny day, especially with the fountain, (I put sprayground in the tags, but probably would be identified more as a fountain, see pic) that the kids enjoy alot!  Definitely more older kids here, chasing each other with plastic bottles filled from the fountain. I found it hard to keep my younger child away from the chaos when it was crowded, but he was ok.. I came back on a rather cloudy almost rainy day and it was almost empty. This is also a Boundless playground.