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Raptor Trust, Millington NJ

raptor1Editor’s Note: Spring has Sprung, and we have started visiting unique places around NJ again, if you have a new place you would like us to cover, comment on our Facebook Page here! Want to get in on our latest newsletter? Click here to subscribe!-Sheila
Today we visit the Raptor Trust, a place that has been on our list for a while and we finally got a chance to visit this gem. The Raptor Trust is one of the premier wild bird rehabilitation centers in the United States. We had visited with my family and the cub scouts (hello Pack 73!) Located in central New Jersey, the Trust includes a hospital, housing for several hundred birds, and an education building. We saw hawks, eagles, falcons and owls.

Owls were a favorite at The Raptor Trust

Owls were a favorite at The Raptor Trust

The kids loved talking to the owl, and he talked back!

raptor 4

Talkative Owl

Talkative Owl

Bald Eagle- photo does not do it justice!

Bald Eagle- photo does not do it justice!

20160305_101108 20160305_101507
20160305_103523 20160305_103526There is no charge to visit, but a modest donation of $2.00 per person is encouraged. (it is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, and relies on private contributions with NO government support, so DONATE if you can!)

raptor trust area mapMake a Day of It:

Visit the favorite playground in Gillette at Gillette School , 759 Valley Rd., Gillette about 4 miles away(not open during school hours though, but it is better than the municipal playground)
Keep the playdate going and have lunch nearby Raptor Trust!

Lunch Option #1Meyersville Inn ($12 for $20 worth of food). Kids Menu has entree with french fries or veggies and includes a Sundae! Here is the link to the deal on groupon 632 Meyersville Rd Gillette, NJ (2.3 miles away)

Lunch Option #2– Chinese Food at Lung Yan ($10 for $20 worth of food). (Menu includes chicken nuggets and fries for the kids who aren’t into Chinese yet!) 598 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ (

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining $10 For $20 Worth Of Casual DiningLike walking back up a playground slide much to the chagrin of some pretty angry preschoolers, trying to find healthy, high-quality Chinese fare can feel like an exercise in futility. That’s where Lung Yan Chinese Restaurant comes in with the wares to make your mouthwatering dreams happen: with this deal, get $20 worth of fresh Chinese fare for just $10.
The element of fresh taste is not one to scoff at inside the kitchen at Lung Yan Chinese Restaurant, where small details add up to irresistible dishes. A feast of shareable appetizers and savory soups prepare to greet your palate, followed by a wide range of traditional specialties like chow mein, lo mein, chow fun, fried rice, chow mei fun and more. Entrees are from beef to roast pork, chicken and seafood plates to Cantonese and Szechuan specialties. Even vegetarians will love their spicy Eggplant with Garlic Sauce dish, along with a host of other diet-friendly options. Foray into Lung Yan Chinese today, and take the memory of an amazing meal home with you.

When you buy a deal from our link, we get some $$ to keep the website going strong, so thank you in advance!

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