Thanks to Kim, from the Funplex, for inviting us to review the new and improved Splashplex.  We appreciated the free tickets. It was so fun, and we really enjoyed it.

The Splashplex is located in East Hanover, NJ at 182 Route 10 West. Their main phone is 973-428-1166. You’ll find them next to Bed Bath & Beyond in the same complex as Diamond Gymnastics. Drive around the rear of the building to their main entrance.

For a change of pace we did a video review of the Splashplex, and unfortunately it took a long time to get done, so we apologize for getting it so late like it closes on Labor Day, which is tomorrow.

We hope you can enjoy it next summer. Also we did want to emphasize the kids had a great time, but it was only the lazy river rule they weren’t happy about (must be on a tube during entire lazy river experience).  My kids are definitely like to roam free, so the tube experience was a bit confining.   All the other rules they were fine with.

The slides were AWESOME, my son kept going on the green and yellow body slides.

The open pink and purple one was the favorite for my daughter. And the blue orange one that was a “tunnel” experience was fast and fun.

You can have a single or double tube in all the “tube rides” including the lazy river.

Great outdoor eating areas now, and plenty of shade areas for people to chill.  A little cramped, as you can’t move your chairs they are connected together in rows,  so if you get a middle spot, you may have to ask people to move to get in your spot. Not a big deal once you are settled, but go early if you want to get a spot in the aisles.

There’s a medium sized pool to play around in right by the lazy river that is like a little island.  Also a few sprinklers in a small area, that is fun for kids who love splash!

Here’s my video starring my daughter and I! We will be doing more of these, in less bedazzled outfits.


Here are some pictures from our special day!

Great View from Upstairs of FunPlex

Great View from Upstairs of FunPlex


Thanks Kim for showing us around!


Tube Slides Rule!


Matt & Friends (C&A)


Old Section of Splashplex, still fun!

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