Editor’s Note: Little Sports Court Playground was torn up and replaced by this fabulous playground! Thanks to Charlene Wetterstrand for sharing these great photos of this fantastic play area! Wow! Parents will love this park, as it is a completely enclosed fenced in area. I’m grateful for our friends that scout out new playgrounds and send us pictures. Thank you Wetterstrands!

Monmouth Court Playground Address- 26 Monmouth Court, Livingston, NJ (We had used the address 50 Monmouth court prior for Little Sports, but found out it was incorrect) Might have been a GPS issue.

From Charlene: “Monmouth Court ends at an old school that is now used for alternative education and community activities. Livingston also uses this property for summer school programs for kindergarten and younger age students. Recently, they tore out the old playground and have replaced it with a fenced in, rubber-surfaced, handicap accessible playground that features a shaded play area for toddlers, swingsets for all ability levels, and play equipment for ages 8 and under.”

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