Walton School, Frank Racioppi Park-

601 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, NJ.Â

Walton is our elementary school close by, and it has a great playground that is pretty new.  While school is in session, you can’t go there, but after school, and in the summer, it is a great place to visit.Â

The one thing I’d caution parents is those spinners, they are too crazy for my tastes, but some of your braver kids may love it, I’ve seen kids liking it and then frightened very quickly..

(note: I wrote this when the kids were little, they are now loving the spinners and so do the other kids, my how time has flown! My oldest is now in first grade and we love to go to both playgrounds with their friends, the big one is a bit crazy after school the second (pre-k) is much calmer)

Update- The picture below is the one of the Pre-K playground that is the newest one funded by the efforts of Jodi Silverstein and the PTA.  We absolutely love this play area for the younger ones. It has some wood chips but the part surrounding the equipment is spongy flooring. The roller slide is a big favorite of my now 3yo daughter.

Pre-K Playground (not the one visible from road) in Back area

Local Paper: The Springfield Patriot