*2012-November- Update*

*Hi there, I just wanted to highlight that this Sunday, November 18, 2012, Allaire Village is having their 1836 Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed visiting Allaire Village with my gang admiring the villagers in their 1800’s outfits also enjoying a good old fashioned blacksmith demonstration. The actors always put on a good show, check out this review of their Election Day “Should Women Vote” event!  The bakery is operating during the day (hot apple cider and apple cake for sale!)  and you can tour inside of the houses that feature what it was like to live in 1836.

Did you know that Allaire Village was also featured recently in cable channel bio’s show, “The Haunting of Eric Mabius”?  I learned this when I couldn’t sleep at night and struggled to find entertainment late at night.  If I see NJ being featured, I have to tune in!

Eric Mabius used to live in Allaire Village as a child where his father was one of the historians that was restoring it.  He revisits his old home to bring closure to his memory of being spooked by the haunting supposedly in one of the buildings.  A ghost medium accompanies him, watches a flickering candle, and you get to be entertained by eerie music and re-enactments of a spooky James Allaire. Do you think Eric Mabius is spooked for real, or is he just a great actor? Check it out below or click on this for the BIO channel link.


Also if you are interested in getting tickets for the railroad that opens in Late November , stop by their ticket agent booth there that is open from noon to 4pm on the weekends. Check out the Pine Creek Railroad website!

**Original Post below**

4265 Atlantic Avenue, Wall Township, NJ.  This address is actually for the Pine Creek Railroad.  this was the attraction we were interested in.  Also if you visit, check out to see what is going on in the Historic Village of Allaire.  they have some really cool events, including a working bakery and some other 19th century type attractions.  The playground isn’t in the best shape, and it was pretty muddy to get to due to the weather. I’d love to see NJ State parks get some playground renovations,  they could use them.  There are plenty of picnic tables, and grills.

I do recommend the railroad if you are in the area $4/ticket for 3y and up. (could be higher for special events) My boys had a great time, and it was a great experience riding in an old dining car.  Next time we’d aim to ride in the caboose, where the kids have to climb a ladder to sit up top.  See the pictures below!

Update:  I wrote this post beofore my kids got into hiking and exploring, so make sure you also check out the trails/campsites that are listed in the Allaire, NJ State Parks website