Dunham’s Corner Road at Church Lane, East Brunswick, NJ.

2023 Update: Here is 2023 pricing:

Crystal Springs Aquatic Center East Brunswick NJ

Update: We finally visited Crystal Springs Aquatic Center and it is amazing. Although it is not like a Sesame Place or a Great Adventure, it is the place to go if you want to enjoy just the waterpark attractions and not have to deal with the crowds especially on the weekdays. We chose to visit after 4pm on a monday, and it was the perfect time. There are many lifeguards staffing the place and we were able to get pizza delivered, since they allow outside food (you can also wheel a cooler in as well). The lazy river was great, and the kids also enjoyed the lily pads that you navigate across by grabbing the netting (not sure what you call that). To enjoy the water slides you have to be 48″ and above, but I thnk the best part is that you can set your chair in the water and let your toddler enjoy the slides. (In order for them to do the baby slide though, they have to go alone, no adults allowed to go down, but you can be on the bottom) They control the baby/toddler area very well. I can[‘t wait to come back with my 2yo. What a great place! They also have nice areas with tents for shade.

This one isn’t free, but I’ve heard allocades (yes I mean accolades, tired I was) from moms in the park the other day.  It’s the first municipal water park in NJ, and has water slides, splash pools and a lazy river.  Here is the direct link, I haven’t personally visited, but will post pics when I do!

Taken from the website as of 7/2016 (updated):

“Daily Rates

Weekends/ Holidays
After 4pm
Under 48″Weekdays
Under 48″Weekends/Holidays
Senior Citizens
$1 off category
$2 off category

“Children age 2 and older must pay the daily rate.

For Daily visits, all individuals that provide a valid military ID will be given free admission into the park.  Valid military IDs include:
  • US Uniform Services Identification Card
  • US Uniform Services Retired Identification Card
  • Current leave & earnings statement
  • Veterans organization card
  • DD214 (along with Photo ID)
*  Afternoon discount rates will be available to daily patrons at 3:00 pm during shortened periods of operation.”

The water park facilities are all safety regulated by patron height requirements and, most importantly meet all regulations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Found this excellent video on youtube, update from dream trippin


  1. fooschk

    How tired are you? I think you mean accolades, Mrs Malaprop.

  2. Anna

    We all live in NJ. Why do we have to live in east brunswick to pay less. IT IS SO UNFAIR TO OTHER NJ RESIDENTS. WE ALL PAY TAXES.

  3. Jessy

    I so agree with Anna, Why do we have to pay more if we are not east brunswick residients WE ALL DO PAY TAXES!!!!!!!!!

  4. EB RES

    Cause we pay 4 it in our city taxes.

  5. steve

    if its un-fair swin at your own pool club. if they gave the discount to everyone, the club would be even more packed then what it is.

  6. Pete

    well steve its NOT YOUR POOL CLUB! It’s a county pool which gets its operating money from the county AND THE STATE which means we all pay for it like we all pay for the beaches we don’t live at. GROW UP!

  7. Alisha

    I also agree with Anna and everyone else.

  8. greg

    crystal springs should be only for east brunswick residents

  9. Heidi

    Well-Its ok to charge but its way to expensive…..just to go swimming

  10. T

    I was thinking about going here til I just saw the pricing for that price I can take my daughter to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and get way more out of the deal. What a rip off! I would not mind spending money to get in like at my local pool club but not that much!

  11. Steve

    I agree with “T” that considering the price you pay $17 you do have a better value going to GA with all that they offer. The only thing here is you are not paying for parking.

  12. EB Resident 2

    “I was thinking about going here til I just saw the pricing for that price I can take my daughter to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and get way more out of the deal. What a rip off! I would not mind spending money to get in like at my local pool club but not that much!”

    Yeah I think that’s the point. Non-residents don’t see it as worth it and go else where. The park isn’t huge. Imagine all of Middlesex County in it. Everybody would stop going because it’d be so packed.

  13. Theresa

    I feel this location is a great place to go swimming. yes, it’s a little expensive but you cannot compare it to GA. All those parks on the weekends are a mob seen, Crystal lake is a smaller version of a waterpark and I enjoy it very much.

  14. anne

    I don’t live in EB. I did for the first 18 years of my life and my parents still live there. If I don’t get a discount, then none of you will either. The residents of EB have outrageosly high taxes. They pay for the privelidge already. If you look at your taxes you pay your your township division of parks and recreation too. And yet I don’t get to use your facilities. grow up people. Nothing is for free.

  15. Interested

    Aside from the outerageous pricing…no one actually said if the place was any good? I have a non-walking toddler and want to take him there, is it worht it?

  16. tina

    I think it is too expensive in general. But parking is free and I can sit in one spot and not worry where my kids are and if they are ok. The lifeguards are very good. I guess I am paying for peace of mind. So I go once or twice a summer.

  17. Ca

    The discount should be given to the middlesex county residents. At least a few more people will have the advantage.

  18. Suz

    To Interested, Yes it’s a little on the expensive side, but worth it. They need to fix up the bathrooms a little. There a bit dirty.

  19. Jerz

    Yes it’s worth the trip. You don’t have pay for parking, and I suggest you pack a lunch.

  20. Heather

    does anyone have any pics of the waterpark that are better then the website? we have an 8 year old, 9 year old and a 13 year old…is it worth going? I don’t mind the price being it’s close to home and a day out for the kids, we are on vacation this week..any info would be great? Thanks

  21. Heather

    how are the slides, is there a wave pool?

  22. Shannon P

    more than anything, i’m amused about all of the comments re who needs to grow up. i doubt yelling, “grow up,” to anyone here will change the discount policy at crystal springs.

  23. emad

    this is really unfair for non east brunswick residents to pay more because we all new jersey residents and we all pay taxes. thank you

  24. Rob

    There is no wave pool, but there is a lazy river and water slides for kids of all ages. It is worth a day trip wether you live in East Brunswick or not. We went there before we moved to EB and were still happy with the amount of fun for the price. Pack a lunch, food there isn’t cheap. They do have grills available to use. Unless the out of town people plan on attending regularly, the season pass is not worth the price.
    As far as people complaining about price for non EB residents, this is what their website says “Crystal Springs Family Aquatic Center, the first municipal water park in New Jersey, offers a crystal clear experience in outdoor recreational water activities.”. That means it was not funded by NJ or Middlesex county. East Brunswick took out bonds to pay for the build. People should do a little research before making false statements.

  25. EB resident new

    just moved to EB, and passed by the other day, looks like a great palace for smaller kids 3-8 possibly, if you expect hurricane harbor – you’ll be dissappointed, but your 3, 4, 5, year old who don’t have much to do in big parks will love it.

  26. Marsha

    If you don’t relish an hour+ ride to Sandy Hook, shlepping beach chairs, coolers, a 1/2 mile walk to the ladies room, a car full of sand and a long ride home…the beach is great. Crystal Springs, for many of us, is close, more time to swim, read, relax. Bring a cooler with a sub and cans or plastic bottles of water or soft drinks, and relax. Restrooms are close by, the Staff is awesome, enforcing safety rules and preventing dangerous horseplay. They do a great job~no it’s not Six Flags, but for many of us, it’s a superb place for a rrelaxing day & a delightful swim. The pools are kept clean. I highly recommend it.

  27. Central Jersey Mom

    I am going to take the risk and go this weekend. So far no negative comments about the place itself. I am not sure if my 15 yr old will have a good time, but we are all open minded and willing to try it. These days peace of mind (as many of you quoted) and freedom to move around is worth the price.

  28. Central Jersey Mom

    I went yesterday (7/1). I absolutely love the place and don’t consider the price unreasonable at all. It is clean, staff helpful and friendly, just enough activities to keep children engaged, but small enough to feel safe and secure. It is more like a Sahara Sam’s or Coco Keys but outside. The best part is you can bring your own food so no need to pay concession stand prices. The picnic/grill grounds were immaculate. I won’t go on a holiday or busy weekend day as I can see hoe it could get over crowded easily but a leisurely day with the family – this is the perfect place. My family and I will enjoy many a summer day at Crystal Springs.

  29. Lourdes Hightsotwn.... also mom

    I don’t live in complex that provides a pool…. plus at other complex need a pass plus $10 of admission. for that I pay the amount without a pass. But checking the crystal sprinds its nice but the price they take advance because like my situation. expensive admission expensive food also.

    Its un fair……….. but in the complex are $7 dollars

    I have kids that would like to be in the pool but… no chance

  30. Middlesex Resident

    I’ve enjoyed going, yes it’s a little expensive but nice way to cool down when you don’t have the time to drive to the beach. Why should only be for East Brunswick Resident’s who every made that comment! The place would be empty! That’s for letting the out of township come.

  31. Kristin "glossedOutLips"

    I used to go to crystal springs all the time as a kid and teen. we would have a lot of fun all day long. Eh $17/14 bux to me isnt that bad, nothing to get bent out of shape about. I have a daughter of my own now who is 3 and i think im gunna plan a trip here this summer. Also for those of you who have little ones , id say 1-10 Colts neck has a huge splash park and its free! lots of shadded picknic areas! My daughter(3) and her cousins 2,5,6,8,10,14,16) LOVE it there lol we all have fun ! but make sure you bring lots of sunscreen to both Crystal springs and the splash park b/c there is no shade near the “fun” areas, especially crystal springs!

  32. joseph

    if you stop complaining you’ll get used to the pool really.

  33. Julia

    what are the ages for the park? Is 12yrs too old?

  34. Christine

    Four years ago I went to Crystal Springs with my family. It was really a great waterpark, except for the filthy bathrooms. They were so disguisting that I vowed never to go back again. Have they cleaned them up?

  35. Phil

    Thats why its called Crystal psings in EAST BRUNSWICK, our local taxes pay for our own. Call your township and tell them your willing to pay more taxes for a water park. OH maybe now you will understand.. I think crystal springs should not let non residents in at all, or just charge outsiders alot more. If you all dont like stay home..

  36. Kathy

    Does anyone know when it opens…Memorial Day weekend?

  37. Eric

    Being a municipal water park, it is seems absolutely fair to set up a resident/non-resident fare structure to me. Closing to non-residents seems a bit heavy-handed and I am certain EB residents would feel the same if they were excluded from a Somerset or Mercer County facility they desired to use but because they did not reside in a county they would be banned. A little more civility please…

  38. pepe

    my understanding is that the water park belongs to the county not to the city therefore should be the same rate for everyone that lives in middlesex county…..

  39. matt

    i don’t think any of you understand exactaly how much it costs to run a pool facility of this calibur, and the pricing is very reasonable. I dont even live anywhere near this pool, (cranford) and i don’t go here either, but im 15 and i think im the only one here that understands how a pool works.
    Shame on all of you.
    Don’t like it?-Dont go there.

  40. Roger

    I SOOOO AGREE WITH MATT! Im not from EB, but its either that or go waist a fortune with the mob of ppl in GA or anywhere else in the summer. Just deal with it… It take a lot to run a place like this. The same way with GA its expensive cause what do you think its cheap to run a park like that. Its not.. but ppl are never satisfied. Just get a blow up pool for your house and call it a day.

  41. Virginia

    I do not I’ve in EB but I am 10 minutes away . It is a nice park, a bit small tho to wade in when it is crowded and it is expensive. Food especially. But when you don’t want to travel to get to a beach or drive an hour or more to six Flags you pay the price to chill for an afternoon . Where ever you go you pay….So resident or non resident, it’s a nice place to go. If you don’t have the money you don’t go!!

  42. pt

    I just Love it and I live in Somerset. Been going every since my kids were little. It’s a great place to go and not have to worry about your kids. It’s very safe and less expensive after 4pm. Try it without expectations! Kool place!

  43. Carolina

    Classism (discrimination on the basis of social class)
    Is the word used for this kind of prices they want to assure that people low salary don’t mix with them…the ones that can afford to…Is a polite and non controversial way of reserving the right of admission.

  44. J

    Do parent have to pay for entrance even if they won’t swim?

  45. marykay

    for those out of town residents that think it is un fair to pay more for being a non resident of east brunswick first off crystal springs is not county it is a twp club. Yes we all pay taxes so why then when I sign my child up for clubs and play sports in other township why then do I have to pay a non resident fee. Milltown has 2 pool clubs you can join and you also have to pay as a non resident. And for the person about going to to hurricane harbor have fun in paying for parking/admission/food/gas and if you have more then one kid to chase around have fun doing that! you do that a few times your going to pay way more then crystal springs.

  46. D

    Go to Scotch Plains Ponderossa Park on Cooper Road, it’s a sprinkler park, with other park activities, parking and park are completely FREE!!!!! Great park and atmosphere.

  47. Susan Szabo

    This is such a great water park. Went twice during the summer of 2014. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to any one. Very clean park. It can get crowded.
    Can’t wait until 2015 summer.

  48. Maureen A.

    I took my two 10 years old nephews, a six years old and a 2 years old to Crystal Springs recently; they all had a great time. The non-resident price was well worth the joy that they all experienced. This was a great alternative to Sesame Place, especially for the older boys and the cost and less travel time was an extra plus for the paying adults 🙂 Highly recommended!


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