Tamaques Park, Westfield, NJ

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1515 Lamberts Mill Road, Westfield, NJ.  Hello Union County, my shady friend, I always come back to you. So I had visited this friend with a long-time college buddy and her 2 lovely girls.  I think I told her about how much I loved the shade in this park about 5 times.  2 playgrounds, one for small kids and then you have to walk to the opposite side for the other playgrounds.  What a great walking circle (.8 miles) the road is one way with a white line that gives plenty of space to walkers and women with strollers. You can also choose the gravely path but we preferred the street.  Bathrooms are open and decent!  Lake is center to the park, I’m not fond of the Canadian geese, they are getting a bit too bold lately, but we still had a good time.

A great place to train
This has also been my favorite park to bike continuously. I’m not a fan of riding with street traffic, so I found this 0.8 mile loop great for training for my sprint tri. Great shade, and you will always find people working out, enjoying the weather. Shout out to the fabulous TriWomen of Scotch Plains, Fanwood, and Westfield. These inspiring women helped me meet my goal of doing my first ever Sprint Triathlon (Danskin 2010). You will frequently find these awesome women at Tamaques. Another group you are bound to see at Tamaques are the BCWF folks. My favorite instructor, Mari, is now part owner of this great outdoor program. If you are looking for a boot camp to get you back into shape this one gets results.

From westfieldnj website.
“Tamaques Park- A 106 acre park on Lamberts Mill Road featuring 18 picnic areas, 2 Basketball Courts, 8 Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, 6 playing fields, 2 playground areas, pond, ice skating, a .8 mile jogging path, 2 Handball Courts and two service buildings with restrooms.”

Here’s some pictures!


  1. B C Kelly

    My favorite park ever since about 1952… we would play baseball a l l d a y from about March to November with boys from up and down Tamaques Way, which abutted Tamaques Park. Great park! Great memories!

  2. ali g.

    I have visited so many parks for the last three years.
    This park is awesome.
    You can run, play baseball, basketball, tennis, have a picnic, rest, walk in the forest, do everything.
    Great park. Great community.

  3. Joan Mils

    Is there still a lake at Tamaques Park in Westfield N.J.
    As a child my friends and I would spend a lot of time
    enjoying that lake. When I last went back I couldn’t
    find the lake.

  4. Mari Melao

    Tamaques is awesome! Yes, the lake is still there near on of the playgrounds.
    Huge THANK YOU for the shout out for BootCampWF! Yes, we’d love for you to come try our fitness classes. They are super fun! 🙂

  5. Peter Weiss

    I grew up in the 1950’s & 60’s going to Tamaques nearly every day. I lived a block away on New England Drive. In those early days the park was much smaller, but the expansion is really great. I loved to play near the pond and in the stream as a young boy. Great adventures!

  6. Anthony Meyers

    I was just walking my dog on the yellow trail in the woods and ran into that mysterious boulder with the missing plaque. There’s a legend that was the grave of “Chief Tamaques,” but nobody I met actually knows and there’s no evidence that Tamaques ever existed.

  7. Cheryl

    Are there bbqs in the picnic areas? We are not from the area and just found the park online as a meeting spot for family. Wondering if we can bbq.

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