We need your help. 

But first, the intro…

This is Sheila and I started this site back in 2008.  

And was active in it until about 2016ish. Life happens and there were big plans but we basically had a hiatus.   

In 2023, NJPlaygrounds returned to me, a parent with teenagers.  One going off to college in the fall, one will be a senior in hs, and my daughter starts high school.  Don’t blink as they say.    I’m also building a video marketing business with my friend and partner, Dina.  (Sayah Media) 

Current status:

It’s 2023, and NJPlaygrounds is WAY OUTDATED. We tried to find a new home for it, but I’m embracing it now and my kids are helping revive it as well.  

Our goal is to have a new generation of young parents bring njplaygrounds back to life. 

What will that look like? 

Updated website.  A new band of passionate roving reporters who like to go to do indoor places and write them up, collaborations with photographers and realtors and local businesses. And lots of video so Dina and I can build our portfolio and make a living.  

Want to be part of the evolution?   

Take the first step and join our facebook group here. And if you aren’t in facebook, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll figure out something.  


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  1. Art Delaney

    I am a a member of leadership team of NJ Integrated Community Project (ICP). The objective of the ICP is to increase the number of people with disabilities and barriers to becoming more fully engaged in their communities. It emphasizes a shift in inclusion as not simply making accommodations for individuals with disabilities but to improve their lives by involving them in more aspects of normal daily activities.

    The ICP team members are holding focus group meetings for discussions of NJ communities’ local resources and best practices that are making the case for including people with disabilities. Existing practices of yours unknown to most other municipalities we will be willing to provide via guides, webinars, training, and documentation to help expand the work of community integration and implementation.

    I am interested in talking (via phone or Zoom) to someone from your organization to discuss your operation in somewhat more depth than that available on the web. Thanking you in advance for about a half hour of your time,

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