Ok, this is completely unrelated to my blog, but I have a dear friend who is John Jay College working her butt off and needs help from the procreating network!  So if you have a young boy who is 14yr-16yrs of age, maybe they’ll like to make $40 and you feel like a trip to NYC to get pampered while your son participates in science (ok gambling too) contact the email below.

Boys age 14 to 16 are eligible to be part of a research study at John Jay College of Criminal Justice that is examining brain differences between adolescent and young adult males.

Study pays $40 flat, plus you will have the chance to win additional money and prizes.

Participants will come to John Jay College to complete several decision-making tasks and have an EEG of the brain recorded while playing a computerized gambling task.

If you are interested please send an email to JJAY_research@earthlink.net
with a contact phone number.

please note: parental permission is required.

In other science related news, here’s a cool NJ mom that I found via twitter that does Science Parties!  Kimberly’s Creative Cosmetics