Editor’s Note: Macaroni KID Moorestown-Mt Laurel strikes again!  What a FANTASTIC playground and wonderful photos! She kindly let us use her pictures and video for this post. Make sure you check her out  on her websiteFacebook and Tiktok!

PLUS we have a young youtuber, Play or Nay who did a fantastic video you can check out below that gives a great indepth review!


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Imagination Kingdom is located near McGuire Air Force Base at 500 Pemberton Brown Mills Road, Pemberton NJ

However for closest parking use this link or this address:

7 4 Mile Rd.
Pemberton Township NJ

Imagination Kingdom in Pemberton has ample parking and is completely gated.
The park is also home to five baseball fields a large concession stand and team house. 

All pictures below are courtesy of Macaroni KID Moorestown-Mt Laurel

Baby swings
Sway fun
Obstacle course
Castle-themed play area.
Talk tubes
Driving wheels
Gears that turn
Climbing net
Big giant rock for climbing 



Public bathrooms
Rubberized ground cover
Landing pads for slides and swings

From Play or Nay: “Overall, we give Imagination Kingdom a 9 out of 10. It is definitely a playground worth visiting. This park was also a really good destination playground, which means that it is worth a drive to get here, and you could easily spend a couple of hours playing and picnicking. If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe to Play or Nay”

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