I love sharing information and spreading the word about good stuff, not just playgrounds.  When you get an idea in your head it can be so difficult to make the right choices on where to go next, I don’t think you can do anything perfectly on your own, it takes different perspectives, and “specialists” to guide you.

So, I thought I would take the time to thank the following people in the website creation process:

  • Bytes for All for creating a great 3-column theme that I’m using from WordPress.  I am an amateur blogger and appreciate the theme options that have allowed me to customize njplaygrounds.
  • Joel Wesseldyke for introducing and getting me started on WordPress.  What a great way to categorize pictures.  Sorry about Jilly falling off that slide, and the bee stings today, facebook is crazy isn’t it?
  • Yorgoo for his awesome tutorial on customizing Atahualpa how to change dotted lines to dashed, what is a hover link color, where to put my adsense code.
  • Scott Switzer for the WordPress plugin Advertising Manager, great support for when I couldn’t get it working because of case-sensitive issues.
  • The honest and helpful advice from the moms from the Youbemom community to tweak my cluttered homepage.

For those of you contemplating using Atahualpa, here are some other helpful links for novices like me:

How to add blank lines/spaces

Changing the square bullets

Do you use Atahualpa?  Do you like it?  Comment or post your page or both!