Haddon Lake Park, located on N Park Avenue in Haddon Heights, link here for google maps

Editor’s Note: Macaroni KID Moorestown-Mt Laurel kindly let us use her pictures and video for this post. Make sure you check her out on her website Facebook and Tiktok

Nestled in the charming town of Haddon Heights, New Jersey, Haddon Lake Park is a picturesque recreational haven that offers a wealth of outdoor activities for families. While the park boasts beautiful walking trails, serene lakeside views, and a host of sporting facilities, one of its standout features is the delightful playground.

All photos below are courtesy of Macaroni KID Moorestown – Mt Laurel NJ: 


Playground Highlights:

  1. Abundant Play Structures: The playground at Haddon Lake Park is an expansive play area designed to cater to children of all ages. It features a wide range of play structures, from swings and slides to climbing walls and jungle gyms. Your kids will have a blast exploring every nook and cranny.
  2. Inclusive Design: One of the standout aspects of this playground is its inclusive design. It offers ADA-compliant equipment, ensuring that children with disabilities can enjoy the park alongside their peers. This commitment to inclusivity makes it a welcoming place for all families.
  3. Shaded Areas: Worried about the sun or the occasional drizzle? The playground includes shaded areas and picnic pavilions, providing a comfortable place for parents to relax while keeping an eye on their little ones.
  4. Safety First: Safety is a priority at Haddon Lake Park. The playground is well-maintained, and safety surfaces cushion falls, offering peace of mind to parents.

From camdencounty.com:

1 Softball Field
2 Playground Areas
1 Picnic Area with additional tables at all playgrounds
1 Outdoor Amphitheater – The Norcross-McLaughlin Memorial Dell
1 Public Boat Launch – small car top only, no motors permitted
Bike Paths – 1.72 miles from Station Ave. to Mt. Ephraim.
Station Avenue to 13th Avenue- .73 miles
13th Avenue to Kings Highway – .40 miles
Kings Highway to Playground – .6 miles (Audubon side)
Playground to Kings Highway – .37 miles (Mt. Ephraim side)
Loop around lake between Kings Highway and playground – 1 mile
Cross Country Trail – 1.6 miles
Fishing (pier located in Audubon section of the park)


Parent Perspective: Macaroni KID Moorestown-Mt Laurel, NJ Video (Tiktok)

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