Vermeule Park, North Plainfield – now with pics

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vermeule-etc-018Greenbrook Rd and Clinton Ave. North Plainfield, NJ.  (behind Vermeule house) Update: Thanks Sara for these great pictures.
This playground is recommended by Robin and has a playground camp in the summer months for residents.   If you have more photos to share for any other playgrounds on our site or descriptions, feel free to email me at or comment on our “What’s your favorite Playground Post“.  Thanks!

Here’s a link to some historic info on the Vermeule mansion.


  1. sararall

    Vermeule has a wooden castle with two levels, a ramp and a slide; and a wooden pirate ship with a slide (both about 6x6x6 feet). Then there are several benches in the shade, then an archway to a toddler structure with steering wheel and 2 slides, at least 4 animals or vehicles on springs, a plastic and metal climber for older kids with several slides, a set of baby swings, lots of swings for older kids. They also have a very tall, free-standing slide, but this winter vandals set a fire at the end and melted it; not sure if it’s been repaired.

    Lots of shade, low walls, but not really fenced, on a quiet street. There is a walled-in really old family cemetary next to the park that my kids like to explore. Lots of picnic tables.

    Note, Google maps insists this is in Plainfield, though it is actually North Plainfield. It is actually on Vermeule Pl. off Clinton Ave., one block from Greenbrook Rd.

  2. Karen

    Love this park (and yes the slide has be repaired). We’ve been going to this park for 2 years now since moving to North Plainfield and find it to be the cleanest one in close proximity to our house. Our daughter is 2.5 years old and loves to use every piece of equipment, climb the castle and pirate ship then slide down from them, then do it all over again. I always feel safe there and our daughter can’t get enough of it.

  3. Samantha

    My 18-month-old daughter’s babysitter brought her to this park this morning and LOVED it. She was especially happy that it was so shaded. She met a mom there with 2 young boys who said that the park gets VERY crowded in the afternoon when schools let out… They will definitely be going back there for lots of morning visits this summer! They will be visiting another playground featured on this site tomorrow. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!

  4. bob

    North plainfield must remove all basketball courts from the parks. the parks are horrible with the basketball courts. it lures people from plainfield.

  5. Tevonda

    I’m not sure how the above comment relates to a playground description/review, Bob. Who does it “lure”?

    Anyway, this is such a great playground. My 18 month old really enjoys all the activity centers, the swings, structures appropriate for his age, the bucket spinners, and just the expanse of the area. He has space to play and to run. The structures seem to be clean, safe and sturdy. Although I’ve lived in the borough for about 5 years, I just discovered this park this past summer. It is always clean and the people are friendly and very nice. It is perfect for kids to have fun and burn off some energy. Thank you North Plainfield for maintaining such an awesome park.

  6. jerseymom

    Brought my two young sons there this morning. It’s still in pretty nice shape and there is definitely a good amount of shade, a huge plus! However, you should know that the pirate ship is gone, apparently it was taken down a couple of years ago. In it’s place is a cute play structure meant for the younger set and it is in a pirate ship “shape” in a vague way, but the regular stairs, slide, etc. Also, that one is completely unshaded, so less popular in scorching summer. Still a decent playground, just be aware about the pirate ship if you have little ones like mine who really wanted to see it!!

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