Field of Dreams, Annandale, NJ

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Field of Dreams is located on 314 Old Allerton Road, Annandale, NJ (at the Immaculate Conception Church and School). Make sure you drive up to the church and make a left to see this huge but hidden playground. This is a great pit stop for those traveling through Jersey, especially if you are going west on 78 and need to stop around the Clinton area.

For those that like this old style of playground, the wooden castle look, this should be on your list. Thanks for passing on the recommendation, @HunterdonTalk . You can tell a lot of heart and soul went into creating this ADA accessible playground. We were on our way to Phillipsburg, when we stopped by, great sand box, swings, and wooden train to climb into. Would love to hear comments from people in the area on the history of it being built. If you are looking for more playgrounds in Clinton, click here, we are always adding more playgrounds to this site!

Here are the pics:


  1. ines

    We visited the Field of Dreams playground yesterday (Saturday, August). The first thought I had was: wow, I would have loved to play here as a kid. Eventually my two year old spend 2 hours playing and enjoyed it greatly despite the heat.

    Some of the things I particularly liked:
    – the green forest all around, which provide much needed shade in the heat of the summer
    – the variety of play structures and the creativity and love evident in their design and construction
    – some play structures were tall enough for me to use
    – play structures are largely wood
    – lots of bench space to sit and have a picnic
    – the musical play structure

    Some of the things I didn’t like so much:
    – the age of the playground is slowly showing and the maintenance has not been as creative as the initial design
    – some things don’t work any more and look like they haven’t worked for some time
    – no notice on the street, so not easy to find, but the description on the website here was great
    – the plastic toilets – compost loo please 🙂
    – too much trash around benches and behind the fence
    – the noise coming from the highway

    Overall a great place

  2. sara

    just visited today, and LOVED it. Nice shady playground, and we love wooden castles. Never seen a globe playhouse or a wooden enclosure for the portapotties before. We liked the two-level sandbox, too. (and what a cool-looking church!)

  3. alise

    When I was a nanny, I would take the kids there to play. It was the most awesome park I’d ever seen. And enclosed! Six years ago, friends from NYC were visiting and I went to take them to the park and it wasn’t there. It’s good to know, maybe I made a wrong left turn or something. I’m going to try and look for it when my son is finished with his cold.

  4. Kim

    The Field of Dreams was built as a Hunterdon County initiative between 1995 and 1997, if I remember correctly.

  5. Sara

    Went back this past Thursday as we were driving home from vacation on I-78 and the kids needed a break. Just as wonderful as I remembered (and, Kim, the sign says 1995).

    My daughter noticed another playground over the hill. I believe it belongs to Immaculate Conception School (behind the church). It turned out to be a terrific modern metal and plastic playground with a tall slide, two kinds of bouncy items, and a long zip line, to name a few items. No where near as big as the wooden Field of Dreams, and no shade at all, but worth checking out if you’re there.

  6. Caitlyn

    I used to go here when I was little and loved it. It was like a giant castle to me. My grandparents would take my 2 siblings, cousins, and I there for 2 hours and we would have a picnic. I loved the tire swings until they tore them down due to safety issues. I hope this place never gets worn so I can take my kids there in the future.

  7. Robyn

    Is this park still open? A friend stopped by there recently (July 2014) and said there was a closed sign on it.

  8. Megan

    Still closed as of 7/18/14. Anyone know if it’s temporary or permanent?

  9. Sandra

    We went today (April 2015) and it is OPEN! It’s definitely a little worn but it is really awesome and the kids loved it!

  10. Lynze

    This was one of my favorite parks growing up as a kid in Hunterdon County. I remember going there with my parents and with my babysitter. As I got older I would take the children that I nannied for. Now I have a seven year old and don’t live as close but I still stop by with him every once in a while on my way to visit my parents. I remember having huge hide and seek games with my friends and all of the new friends I would make while playing there. The “phones” that they also have scattered through out the park for the kids to talk to each other in were my favorite part. I’ve been to a lot of other parks since and I’ve never seen the phones anywhere else. It is definitely a fantastic park and worth the trip!

  11. Philippa

    So I went to check out this playground today with my toddler. I was nervous driving up because it looked like I was going into the private grounds of the church, but then sure enough there was a left turn and parking and other people were there. There was also a sign that said Township of Clinton. It looked as if the structure had been refinished since many of these reviews were written but there were probably still a couple of missing planks. A lot of shade could be found and I thought it was a great playground and would be good to return to with my school aged children too. Picnic tables outside too.

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