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Update January 2024: Thanks to our guest contributor we have a cool video, write up and new photos from  @lilroamingexplorers from IG:


📍64 Indian Trail North Haledon, NJ 07508



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Write Up:

Yahn’s Pond Playground in North Haledon, NJ is such a cute small playground. What we loved right away is that it’s a fully fenced in play space.

The kids immediately ran over to little treehouse which is so inviting.

I learned that this renovated play space was dedicated in 2019 to a local 4 year old boy, Owen Kleiwerda, who was tragically killed by a tree in his backyard.

We felt so honored to play here.

It offered cute climbing, a fun little slide, and crawling tube.

The second structure is a nice tall structure with different slide options and ways to climb up there. Another fun feature is the zip line, wheelchair accessible swing and climbing web. After we played for a while, we ate our snack outside the fence at a picnic bench while watching the geese and duck land in the pond. There are also different benches along the pond too. We took a moment to explore the side of the pond which was my son’s favorite. He loved seeing the little brook in the back. Wheelchair accessible port a potty located next to the playground.