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Update January 2024: Thanks to our guest contributor we have a cool video, write up and new photos from  @lilroamingexplorers from IG:


📍 Essex and Main Street Boonton, NJ



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Write Up:

Grace Lord Park in Boonton, NJ was such a wonderful place to explore.
We loved the playground because of the cool structure that made it feel like the true outdoors.
They also had swings and a wooden truck to climb around in.
Along the Rockaway River is a nice gazebo to sit.
We walked over the bridge and stumbled upon Santaland!
It was so neat, wooden structures to play in and apparently on the Friday/Saturday and Sunday, Santa is there and a little museum to walk in.
We will have to come back.
After we explored the playground and Santaland, we continued along the river to a hike to Boonton Falls.
Parking for the playground is street parking right across from the playground.