UPDATE (2010) This changed a bit last year, (from residents only to non-residents) so far we do have word that it is opened to the public, although today (6/29/2010) this is the case, I’d call to doublecheck w/  Monroe Recreation (732-723-5000) when you decide to visit..

UPDATE (2009): Just got an email from Monroe Recreation and they have advised that Veterans Park and Sprayground is for Monroe Township residents and their guests only. Sorry everyone! I thought it was open to all, but if you are from Monroe, or are a guest it is definitely a great place to visit.

(near intersection) Avenue K and Dynasty Drive, Monroe or Jamesburg, NJ. (my outdated GPS says Jamesburg but other sources say Monroe) Spraygrounds can be a challenge to find in NJ, but they do exist. Lots of fun at Veterans Park. Canopied picnic tables, rock wall, slides, and great sprinkler park. Would highly recommend seeing this park and Thompson Park if you are traveling a distance to get here.