Can you guess where I upgraded either a theme or upgraded wordpress? Yeah, it’s in my footer.php and I always forget to add it back in, twice… Thanks to @doublelattemama she told me there’s a plugin, I’ll have to look into it, because clearly I can’t rely on my aging brain cells.

I was busy looking at other blog posts when I saw Mack Collier post on a detailed statistical analysis on a blog post, and have to say my interest in getting into analytics has grown.  I even watched a youtube video on bounce rate (argued as the most important metric) Although my main goal is all about sharing information with other parents in the Garden State on the best parks,  I feel compelled to send some love to the bloggers and statiticians and wordpress users too.. in my own way…  a little dabble doesn’t hurt… no?

Also, I’m on a sharing spree lately, as evidenced by my last post on Atahualpa gratitude , my guest post about “Finding your inner blog” and by my tweets about @garyvee since his tweetup at the Wine Library, in Springfield.  Gary Vaynerchuk, wine guy/video blogger/entrepeneur/hustle lover really inspired me the other day with speaking about a human’s innate need to share.  He’s a powerful engaging and enthusiastic guy and since his shop is in the same town as me, how can I not notice him?  It really spoke to me, and I’ve been finding the subjects of blogging, traffic, adsense, affiliates, advertising, social media  overwhelming.  So I thought why don’t I share, maybe someone else will want to share too… What are some really cool finds you found that helped you get to a new level?

Do you want to share your info about traffic, affiliates, niche blogs, or post your analytics? we can all gawk and talk about the latest plugin that improved your blog 🙂

You can probably tell by my traffic, I’m not worried about getting a million comments or spam..

And also I recommend following these twitter folks @garyvee and @mackcollier for social media interests.